Pando Teams Up With PeerApp

Companies trying to make real businesses out of peer-to-peer file transfers have already had some success ditching their association with piracy. But another problem: while P2P is cheap and fast, broadband service providers see it as a terribly inefficient way to move information across the Internet.

Today, New York-based P2P content delivery network Pando says it is partnering with a company called PeerApp to make it easier for ISPs to handle its traffic. ISPs that buy PeerApp’s equipment can cache — or store a local copy — of each chunk of P2P traffic that goes through its network. This means that the second person who requests the data can receive it directly from their ISP instead of downloading it from another computer across the Internet. This is more efficient for the ISP, and could also result in quicker downloads.

PeerApp has already supported common P2P formats like BitTorrent. But now Pando, too, can tell its customers like NBC and ESPN that its service plays nice with ISPs.

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