Sponsor Post: Next Generation Internet With Henry Blodget, Today At 3:00


Tune in TODAY, Thursday 3/19, at 3:00pm ET.

Join us LIVE for the final show on the evolution of the next-generation  Internet.  The series is hosted by SAI’s Henry Blodget and tech guru Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO of Internet security firm Comodo.

The Internet is in a state of non-stop evolution.  But, as this social medium evolves, is it addressing the “human factor” adequately?  Whom can you trust to transform the web into the kind of web you want and need? 

The components of a more personalised web experience are still being developed. Listen in this afternoon for a dynamic discussion about the next-generation web, covering topics from semantic search to intelligent agents, 3D browsing, and more, airing live on Paltalk’s TechNow. Simply join the show, raise your hand and wait to be screened to ask a question. You can also leave a text question in the comments below.

The three part series is presented by Paltalk, the premier provider of software and technology for real-time, rich media, interactive social networking.

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