YACHT OF THE WEEK: This $US150 Million Behemoth Is The Rolls-Royce Of Superyachts

The Palmer Johnson World is one of the most advanced superyachts ever conceived. Co-designed by Rolls-Royce Marine and the master shipbuilders at Palmer Johnson, the 267-foot-long World will feature some of the world’s most advanced and environmentally friendly marine technology.

With the World’s “ice operating” capability, the mega-yacht will be able to operate in just about any environment, including the Arctic and Antarctica, while coddling its occupants in supreme luxury. Currently under construction in Norway, the World has room for 12 guests and a crew of 27.

The yacht’s broker, Moran Yacht & Ship, has not listed an official price, but CNN reported the price to be around the $US150 million mark a couple of years ago.

The Palmer Johnson World is less a yacht than it is a floating palace. Highlights from its long list of features include a cinema, a beauty salon, and a submarine docking station with room for a 6-passenger submarine.

To protect its well-heeled owners, the yacht is equipped with a thermal imaging system to spot pirates and a pair of water cannons to deter them. The World can even be equipped with an LRAD or Long Range Acoustic Device that can be used as a sonic weapon.

The World is powered by a set of 4 Rolls-Royce Marine Bergen diesel generators giving it a top speed of 16.5 knots.

Interior and exterior styling for the World is courtesy of award-winning design firm Nuvolari Lenard.

The aft-deck of the World features a helicopter landing pad and can be equipped with a retractable platform that lowers and raises a helicopter into and out of an onboard hangar.

The yacht's aft deck includes a swimming pool with waterfall features and access to the ship's helipad.

The owner's private suite features a panoramic view high atop the yacht's superstructure.

The owner's suites also features a private bath with ocean views.

The owner can also retire to the privacy of his or her personal salon.

Guests on boards the World can spend time in the ship's luxurious main lounge.

For those with musical talent, the main lounge will have room for a grand piano.

Alternatively, guests can also choose to spend time in the yacht's beach lounge.

Those looking for a good workout can hit up the yacht's fully loaded onboard gym complete with jacuzzi.

Onboard meals will be created in the World's state-of-the-art galley.

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