Photos Of The HP Palm Tablet Leak; It Might Not Come Out Until Late Summer

The first photos of HP‘s forthcoming Palm tablet have been obtained by Nilay Patel at Engadget.

The tablet has no home button, a front facing camera, and a micro-USB port. The photos are internal “renders” of the tablet, which will be unveiled February 9.

According to Patel’s sources, Palm is working on two tablets. A nine-inch “Topaz” tablet (pictured here) and a seven-inch “Opal” tablet.

These tablets aren’t expected to hit the market until the end of the summer, possibly as late as September. Engadget says the tablets will arrive at HP in June but according to a marketing slide Patel obtained, the seven-inch Opal will launch in September. (So, the bigger tablet could perhaps launch between June and September?)

If the timeline is accurate, it’s a little bit shocking.

By September, the iPad 2 will have been out for a few months (presumably) and Motorola’s Xoom tablet will have also been on the market for a while. Not to mention RIM‘s PlayBook.

The tablet looks fine enough, but if it’s coming late to the game it better blow the doors off, otherwise it’s going to be playing a serious game of catch up to make a dent in the market.

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Photo: Engadget

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