Palm Overrun By Twitter Apps!

palm pre ces demo

The race to be one of the Palm Pre’s first Twitter apps is already packed. That’s according to Palm (PALM) developer community manager Chuq Von Rospach, who is sifting through applications for early access to the Palm Mojo software developers kit. As Von Rospach has been saying on Twitter:

“I think my last count was about 300 applications writing twitter clients. Good luck standing out in that crowd”

“you can stop submitting applications about building twitter apps. I’m up around 400 now. Good luck standing out in that crowd.”

“hmm. Overnight, another 10 applications to write twitter apps. Someone’s not listening. And I’m not kidding about that number.”

Twitter apps have been popular on Apple’s iPhone. And no doubt companies like Atebits, which makes the popular Tweetie app, have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. But if there are really hundreds of people trying to write Twitter apps for the Pre, there’s going to be a lot of disappointment.

The Palm Pre goes on sale June 6 for $199 after mail-in rebate.

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