Palm Opens Pre, WebOS Development To Everyone

palm pre ces demo

Palm’s (PALM) app store for the Pre is about to get a lot bigger: Palm has released its WebOS “Mojo” software developers kit to “all interested app developers” via a new portal.

To this point, Palm was only letting select developers onto the new platform, to work out as many kinks as possible before too many people were involved.

Now it’ll be interesting to see just how much interest there is in developing for WebOS, a technically impressive system with a relatively small user base compared to Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry, etc.

Palm’s Jon Zilber: The initial response to Palm webOS apps — from both developers and customers — has been enthusiastic. Even in its initial beta stage, over 1.8 million apps have been downloaded from the beta App catalogue since Palm Pre was released less than six weeks ago. Thousands of developers have participated in the Mojo SDK early access program since it began in early April. New applications are in the pipeline for the Palm App catalogue, and the App catalogue submission process will be opened to all developers beginning this fall.

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