Palin Unloads On Congressional GOP

Sarah Palin hunting

Sarah Palin got her groove back today with a withering attack on the House Republicans for caving completely in budget negotiations with the White House and Democrats in the Senate.  Politico reports:

“We didn’t elect you just to rearrange the deck chairs on a sinking Titanic,” Palin said during a rally in front of the Wisconsin statehouse in Madison. “What we need from you, GOP, is to fight.” Pointing to the national champion University of Wisconsin women’s hockey team, Palin said the GOP could learn from its resolve and “needs to learn how to fight like a girl.”

Palin took issue with the GOP leadership for promising $100 billion in cuts from the current budget, trimming that pledge to $60 billion and finally settling for $38 billion in the recent budget battle.

“Then after some politics as usual and accounting gimmicks we found out — ya know that $38 billion? We’re actually borrowing that $38 billion,” Palin said. “That is not courage, that is capitulation.”

Ms. Palin’s views on the FY 2011 budget deal are widely shared by conservatives all across the country. Her speech today was her best in a very long time.