Palin to Hong Kong: We Share Eskimo Bloodlines

Palin CLSA

Sara Palin spoke to a packed audience today at CLSA’s Hong Kong investment conference.

While she appealed to the libertarian, small government views commonly held by professional investors, and gave her broad views of China, the content of her speech seems to have been more targeted towards Americans, rather than her Asia-based audience.

Bloomberg: “She started the speech with the Alaskan fishing industry, which I think is a safe topic for her,” said Suyeon An of RCM Asia Pacific Ltd, who left before Palin stopped talking. “She was avoiding the important economic issues. She tried to talk some about Hong Kong in general, but it was nothing specific. It was a very safe speech, boring I have to say.”

Still, anything but disaster is a victory for Mrs. Palin. Despite a few expected gaffs here and there such as warning against a one-nation Asia (as if China, Japan, and India are anywhere near this), it appears she performed well.

WSJ: “Personally, I’ve always been really interested in the ideas too about the land bridge. Ideas that maybe so long ago, had allowed Alaska to be physically connected to this part of our world so many years ago. My husband and my children, they’re part [unintelligible] Eskimo, Alaskan natives. They’re our first people, and the connection that may have brought ancestors from here to there is fascinating to me. Making our world seem a little bit smaller, more united, to consider that connection that allowed sharing of peoples and bloodlines and wildlife and flora and fauna, that connection to me is quite fascinating.

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