Palin: “I Can Win”

palin undefeated

Sarah Palin still hasn’t decided whether to run for President, but she’s sure of one thing — that she can beat President Barack Obama.

“I’m not so egotistical as to believe that it has to be me, or it can only be me, to turn things around,” she told Newsweek’s Peter Boyer in this week’s cover story. “But I do believe that I can win.”

Palin said her family would be the one thing keeping her out of the race, but they have shown little opposition to her candidacy.

“If it came down to the family just saying, ‘Please, mum, don’t do this,’ then that would be the deal-killer for me,” she said. “I think Bristol has made up her mind, and Bristol wants me to run for president. But we’re still thinking about it. I’m still thinking about it.”

The Fox News contributor, reality TV star, and former Alaska Governor says she would not shed her distaste for the “lame-stream media” if she were to run.

“I would say no to those who have lied about me,” she said, “There is no need to reward bad behaviour. I’ve learned. You know, once bitten, twice shy. I have learned.”

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