Is The Palin Film A Prelude To Her Campaign?

sarah palin

Stephen Bannon, a conservative film-maker, has almost finished his two-hour documentary on Sarah Palin’s tenure as governor of Alaska. The movie will open in Iowa in June. 

Mr. Bannon aired a “rough cut” of the movie for Mrs. Palin and her husband over the weekend in Arizona.  They were reportedly very pleased with the (almost) final product.

Real Clear Politics has the details on this somewhat startling development in the 2012 GOP presidential campaign.  Most veteran GOP pols had sort of decided amongst themselves that Mrs. Palin would not be a factor in the 2012 campaign; that she would pass on the chance to run for the nomination and continue to do whatever it is she does on the Fox News Channel and on the lecture circuit.

News that this movie is (as they say) “in the can” and will premiere in Iowa has sent these veteran GOP pols scrambling to their “emailers.” They want to know what the movie means

The obvious answer is that it re-introduces Mrs. Palin to Iowa caucus attenders in a very favourable light and it’s the perfect launch vehicle for a presidential campaign.

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