Pali: DVD Reversal Means Blockbuster (BBI) Is A Buy

Here’s a bit of good news for Carl Icahn, who has taken a bath on his Yahoo holdings: Things at Blockbuster (BBI), where he’s the largest shareholder, may be turning around — even without the ill-conceived Circuit City deal. So argues Pali’s Stacey Widlitz, who has a buy on the stock (reg required).

Stacey reminds us that the DVD slump that was supposed to accelerate this year hasn’t materialised — in fact, DVD rentals are up 0.5% in the first half of the year. And Stacey thinks things will be better at much-maligned BBI: She predicts rentals will up 2% when the company reports earnings Thursday, versus a 1.3% decline last year. That’s partly because Blockbuster may be getting its act together with basic blocking and tackling like inventory management, and partly because in a lousy economy, renting a movie suddenly seems like a more attractive option again. Note that BBI competitor Netflix (NFLX) reported an excellent Q2 earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Stacey’s colleague Rich Greenfield is showing off a bootlegged copy of the trailer for DreamWorks Animation’s “Monsters Vs. Aliens” — apparently just because he can. We like that logic. And if for some reason you’re finding that you’ve got extra time on your hands this Monday, you may appreciate it as well. Update: Rich’s copy has been taken down, but we’ve found another, this one via CrunchGear. Imagine that one will disappear too (looks like it’s from the same source) but enjoy while you can.

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