Dozens of Palestinians armed with slingshots and setting tire fires have been killed in violent protests on the Israel-Gaza border

Dozens of people have been killed during the weeklong protests in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza.

The Palestinians say they are protesting a border blockade of their territory by Israel that has gone on for a decade.

The protests are organised by Hamas, Gaza’s ruling political party and militant group that Israel, the US, and the European Union have designated as a terrorist group.

The protests started with hundreds to thousands of Palestinians gathering at tent camps set up by organisers near the border with Israel. Palestinians have burned tires and pelted Israeli security personnel with rocks.

Israeli soldiers have also fired on the protesters with live rounds.

Take a look at the protests here:

The protests are focused on Gaza’s border with Israel, where protesters have burned tires and thrown rocks at Israeli security officers.

As the protests started, demonstrators in the separate Palestinian West Bank territory also protested, drawing a response from Israeli forces.

The Israelis have responded with riot-control measures including teargas, rubber-coated steel pellets, and water cannons.

Both sides say the other is provoking them into the clashes. Dozens of Palestinians have been killed and more than 1,000 others have been wounded in the protests.

Israel is not the only target of the protests. Many Palestinians are angry at the US for supporting Israel’s actions in the region.

The protesters are sometimes able to get right up to the border, where they try to remove portions of fence.

Some protesters cover their heads with plastic bags to avoid the effects of the teargas.

Many protesters are unfazed by the deaths and continue to organise marches on the border. “We are here to tell the occupation that we are not weak,” one protester said.

Hamas has said the protests will continue for weeks.

Israeli officials believe that Hamas is trying to “open up the fence and then to insert terrorists into Israel.” Israel has said it has killed Hamas gunmen in the protests and will continue to guard the border until Hamas disarms.

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