These Incredible Photos Show Palestinian Kids Practicing Parkour In The Middle Of A War Zone

Parkour is a popular activity for young people near Gaza City, and the fact that the area has turned into a war zone hasn’t deterred them from practicing their craft.

The sport — in which people jump, climb, and propel themselves off surfaces in urban areas — was inspired by military obstacle courses and holds self-improvement the core goal.

Palestinian youth have been practicing parkour for years. Several young people formed the Gaza Parkour team and began practicing in a local graveyard, according to a New York Times story from 2011.

But their training areas have been ravaged by conflict. A before-and-after photo from the Gaza Parkour team’s Twitter page illustrates this:

Still, they hold on to hope:

Post by Gaza Parkour And Free Running.

Their stunts are spectacular. Check out some of the photos:

You can see a video of these kids in action here:

Israel is just one example of kids in a worn-torn area practicing parkour to keep their spirits up. Young people Libya, which has seen intense violence since former leader Muammar Gaddafi was ousted, have also taken up the sport.

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