Gorgeous Pictures Of The Holy Land From 120 Years Ago

A visitor to the Holy Land between 1890 and 1900 would have encountered a place that looked a lot like the pastoral setting described in the Bible and the Quran.

A glimpse of this era is preserved through photochrom prints from the Library of Congress.

We invite you to put aside your political views (note: we’ve turned off comments) and enjoy these vintage pictures of “the land flowing with milk and honey.”

Jerusalem grew rapidly in the 19th century, with a new city constructed outside of the old city walls.

The Damascus Gate, built in its current form in 1537, is the main entrance to the Old City.

The Jaffa Gate opened to the road to Jaffa, a port through which many pilgrims arrive.

The city was filled with traders, as seen in this bustling market by the Tower of David.

Stone cutters like these guys would have had a lot of work.

An itinerant shoemaker waits for business in the outskirts.

This print, called the Route To The Station, may show a road leading to the first railroad station, built in 1892.

Now let's look around the rest of the Holy Land ... Beirut was a large city even at the turn of the century.

Other places were in ruins, like Capernaum, a fishing village that was home to several Apostles.

This was the Temple of the Sun in Baalbek

There are ruins of an ancient colonnade in Samaria.

Lots of people traveled around on camels.

Horses were popular too, as with these seen at this Bedouin encampment ...

... as were donkeys.

Straight out of Biblical times, this print shows shepherds in Hadjar en Nasaroh.

More shepherds in Nebi-Samuel, aka the Plain of Mizpah.

A relaxing afternoon in the fields by Cana of Galilee.

The birthplace of Mary Magdalene in Magdala.

The Tomb of Lazarus in Bethany

The virgin's fountain in Nazareth.

Relaxing outside Lydda.

Laborers on the Plain of Esdraelon.

Syrian peasants making bread.

A man sits by the River Jordan

A fisherman's boat on the Sea of Galilee by Tiberias.

From the Holy Land to the Motherland ...

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