DUBAI IS BACK: Check Out Gorgeous Photos Of The Next Ridiculous Luxury Hotel


Photo: Courtesy of Palazzo Versace

Dubai’s luxurious Palazzo Versace was supposed to open in 2009, but then everything went to hell. Dubai World couldn’t pay its loans, investors fled from the emirate, and the local property market crash.Now the gorgeous project is back online, along with a slew of other luxury hotels.

Palazzo Versace — as in Versace — is scheduled to open in October. The hotel will have 216 rooms and 168 condominiums, half of which have already been sold.

Here's what the finished hotel will look like

This is an example of a guest room

Here's a dining room from one of the condominiums

Sit back and relax after you eat a great meal

Perfectly decorated down to the very last detail

An elegant sitting area

Every luxury hotel must have a luxury spa

And here are the neighbours

And of course the lobby will always be filled with hot blondes going to business meetings

And model bell hops to carry your bags

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