Big data company Palantir has raised another $129 million in funding

Aragorn PalantirNew Line CinemaThe Palantir, as shown in ‘Lord of The Rings.’

Palantir Technologies, the data analytics company that helped track down Osama Bin Laden, has raised $129 million (£85 million), valuing the company the company at over $20 billion (£13 billion), according to TechCrunch.

The company, founded by Peter Theil and Alex Karp among others, has previously raised $555 million (£365 million), putting the current total at around $680 million (£448 million).

Palantir specialises in the analysis of big data and its clients, according to a leaked document, include governments, banks, and legal research firms. The company keeps a low profile, however, preferring to work behind the curtain.

The name comes from “Lord of the Rings” and describes a spherical, mystical Palantír used by Saruman to “see from afar.” The name was chosen by Peter Theil, who is a fan of the books.

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