Pakistan Is Going To Blow Up Bin Laden’s Compound With A Flurry Of Rocket Propelled Grenades

osama bin laden hideout compound Pakistan Abbottabad

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To prevent Osama bin Laden’s hiding place from turning into a shrine, Pakistan officials have decided to destroy it.”It will be a big event,” said Major General Athar Abbas, according to the New York Post.

TV crews as well as U.S. and European officials will be invited to the demolition where the compound will be brought down by rocket propelled grenades and then bulldozed.

“We will hit it like an enemy fort. But first we must erase everything related to bin Laden from our country,” the New York Post quoted interior Minister Rehman Malik.

This viewing party of the demolition of bin Laden’s compound could be the newest attempt to salvage a rocky relationship between US and Pakistan. 

According to the Daily Mail, Pakistan was “stung” by the claims that it has turned a blind eye to the hideout. The relationship between the two countries has continued to sour since then with the tug of war over who would get to interview bin Laden’s wives and multiple reports of drone attacks in Pakistan. In July, US drones killed 45 suspected insurgents, second highest daily death toll since beginning of the drone warfare in 2004. Tensions rose again in November, reported the Daily Mail, when 24 Pakistani troops were killed by error close to the Afghan border.

A US official confirmed to the Associated Press that there was another missile strike in the region last night when after six week lull in drone attacks, four Pakistanis were killed. Could this latest death toll put a damper on the demolition viewing party?