Pakistan Arrests Times Square Suspect In Karachi -- Is This Linked To Mumbai?

Times Square car bomb

While the focus has been on the New York City manhunt for those involved in the attempted terrorist bombing in Times Square, Pakistan has also been hunting down individuals believed connected to the U.S. plot.

Two individuals have been arrested in Karachi, Pakistan believed linked to the Times Square event, according to the Washington Post. One of those is Tausif Ahmed, who traveled two months ago to the United States and, according to Washington Post report, met with Faisal Shahzad, the U.S. based suspect caught fleeing to Dubai yesterday.

Just yesterday, India convicted a terrorist involved in the 2008 attack on Mumbai. Many of those involved in that bloody attack also hailed from Karachi, and it was where the majority of the planning for the Mumbai assault took place, according to the BBC.

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