Is This The Perfect Sexting App?


Yesterday, nearly 40 startups presented at Y Combinator’s biggest Demo Day ever.

Y Combinator is a highly competitive startup accelerator program that has helped launch companies like Airbnb and Dropbox.

A few companies generated some good buzz, but we noticed a significant amount of chatter about one company in particular.

Pair is a social network between two people. It’s for you and your special someone to share moments when you’re not together.

The app lets users send messages and pictures. The couple can draw things together and send a “Thumbkiss.”  When both users touch their thumbs to the screen at the same time, the phones vibrate.

Path’s Dave Morin is an investor. He told Pair that Facebook has built cities, Path is building houses, and Pair is building bedrooms.

CrunchFund and SV Angel are also investors. More than 1 million messages have been sent back and forth on the app and there are 50,000 users since the app’s launch five days ago.

There could be significant value for people dealing with long-distance relationships.  But we’re not sure why it’s better than sending a private video or text message.  It almost sounds like the perfect sexting app.

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