Trump hung an over-the-top painting of himself with other Republican presidents in the White House — and people are bewildered

60 Minutes/Twitter‘The Republican Club’ by Andy Thomas hangs in the White House.
  • “The Republican Club” – a painting of President Donald Trump hanging out with past Republican presidents – is now hanging in the White House.
  • It’s drawing mixed reactions, with many people thinking it’s gaudy.
  • Some people think it’s a secret critique of the president, while others think it complements Trump.

In the White House, there’s a painting that depicts President Donald Trump drinking with other Republican presidents – Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, and others.

He sits there smiling, a Diet Coke before him, as the others laugh uproariously.

The painting, titled “The Republican Club,” first went viral in March when it was revealed by Andy Thomas, who also made a version featuring the Democratic presidents. Thomas is best known for his paintings of cowboys. (Prints of “The Republican Club” run from $US155 to $US1,700.)

Republican Rep. Darrell Issa gave the painting to Trump as a gift, and people noticed that it’s now hanging in the White House when it appeared in the background of a photo posted by the Twitter account for CBS’s “60 Minutes” to promote the show’s interview with Trump.

Some people who found the painting tasteless were bewildered it was hanging in the White House^tfw^tfw

Thomas keeps his own political views close to his chest. He makes portraits for both Republicans and Democrats, and says he wants to maintain a bipartisan reputation. He says people can try to figure out his views by looking at his work.

“I challenge people to look at the paintings and see if they can figure it out,” he told The Daily Beast.

Some people thought the painting might be mocking Trump^tfw

Others thought it might be flattering to Trump^tfw^tfw

But to be fair, who wouldn’t want a portrait of themself hanging out with Lincoln in the White House?

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