THE DOWNLOAD: How Year-Old BetterWorks Scored A $100 Million Valuation And Major Partnerships With Hulu And Subway

Paige Craig and his cofounder Sizhao “Zao” Yang founded BetterWorks, an employee rewards network for small businesses.

Now, instead of having to scout out great deals for employees, small businesses and startups can use BetterWorks to offer their staff deals at local gyms, restaurants and more. BetterWorks secures the partnerships, and all employees in its network can buy the deals, no matter which small business they work for or how many of their fellow employees sign up. 

BetterWorks may be built for small businesses, but it’s signing up big employers like Nokia and Hulu and big reward companies like Equinox and Subway. This summer, the year-old startup raised an $8 million round from Redpoint Ventures at a $100 million valuation.

We asked Craig how he’s been moving his startup along so quickly and getting power players to use his service.


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