PaidContent Shakeup! Hiring Management, Rafat To Editorial*

LA-based blog is hiring a Dow Jones and Yahoo Finance veteran, Nathan Richardson, as CEO, Valleywag says. The company is also said to be adding a sales manager. Founder Rafat Ali will focus on editorial.

It is not yet known whether the PaidContent management shakeup is a planned evolution–or whether Rafat was defenestrated. ; )

*UPDATE: This post was intended to be tongue in cheek, but as a commenters noted, the first version came out snarky. Apologies! Truth be told, we think this is a smart move by PaidContent. Rafat is the company’s strongest editor/writer, and every minute he spends on business is a minute lost to writing, researching, etc. TechCrunch made the same move quite successfully last year, and we expect a lot of growing blog networks will follow suit.

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