Paging California PhDs: You Could Be Obama's CTO

Barack Obama still hasn’t named anyone to what may be the most biggest geek dream job ever imagined: America’s CTO. Pundits have thrown names ranging from Bill Gates to Jeff Bezos up against the wall, but it turns out neither man is likely to get the job.

So who will? A source familiar with the Obama transition team told SAI that no one has been offered the job yet, but a consensus has emerged on the qualities the CTO should have:

  • The CTO should have a Ph.D.
  • The candidate should have a scientific background, not an entrepreneurial one.
  • The person should be from Silicon Valley.

Being a New Yorker, I protested the last point. But our source explained the Obama team’s thinking: “They really want a connection between the Valley and Washington, and there’s a belief the Valley is the centre of innovation.”

Interestingly, the new criteria rules out same previously floated names like Oracle’s (ORCL) Chuck Phillips and former IAC (IACI) counsel Julius Genachowski.

So who fits the bill? Let us know in the comments, or send your ideas to ekrangel {at} alleyinsider {dot} com.

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