This Is The Only App You Need To Track And Pay Your Bills

woman using smartphone

Photo: By Marco Arment on Flickr

Pageonce unveiled its bill-paying feature for iPhone and Droid users yesterday and we got the lowdown on how the new upgrade works.The app simplifies smartphone users’ financial lives with at-a-glance views of their debit, credit, and utility bills all in one place.

It is also the only app of its kind to offer a one-stop shop for bill paying. In this way, it aims to take on Mint, which does not currently offer this service.

Last month, Pageonce hit the five million registered user milestone.

“We like to think of ourselves as a remote control for your personal finances,” says Steve Schultz, the company’s COO.

The Gold upgrade costs $4.99 and will be available soon on iPads.

The app offers an at-a-glance view of your finances.

When bills are due, it sends you a notification text.

First, select which bill you want to pay.

Next, choose which bank account or credit card to use.

If your funds are too low, the app won't let you overdraft from that account.

You'll also get a confirmation from PageOnce stating when your bill will be paid.

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