Here's The London Olympics-Mocking Advertisement That organisers Wanted To Ban

Paddy Power, an Irish bookmaker known for its controversial campaigns, are the latest organisation to ridicule the (already ridiculous) Olympic branding rules.

This billboard has been seen in London recently, highlighting the fact that Paddy Power was sponsoring an athletics event this summer in London (a small town in France, apparently):

Paddy Power Olympics

Photo: Paddy Power

The company that operates the billboards, JCDecaux, was reportedly ordered by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (aka. LOCOG) to take down the signs due to breaking the Olympic Games branding rules.

Paddy Power responded by hiring a lawyer and threatening to take LOCOG to court. According to The Score, LOCOG has backed down — meaning that this incredible publicity stunt by Paddy Power is a huge success.

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