'Paddington 2' has broken the record as the best-reviewed movie on Rotten Tomatoes of all time -- and critics cannot stop gushing about this adorable bear

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  • “Paddington 2” broke the record for the best-reviewed movie on Rotten Tomatoes of all time, officially surpassing “Lady Bird.”
  • It was supposed to be distributed by The Weinstein Company in the United States, but producers looked for another distributor following allegations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein.
  • The movie is adorable and enjoyable for kids and adults, and has received glowing reviews from critics.

“Paddington 2” – a movie about an adorable Peruvian bear who wears a blue raincoat and a red hat, and is obsessed with marmalade – just broke a record as the best-reviewed movie on Rotten Tomatoes, surpassing Golden Globe winner “Lady Bird.”

It has 164 “fresh” reviews and no “rotten” ones.

The first movie in the franchise, “Paddington,” which starred Nicole Kidman, was released in 2014 and is now on Netflix. Kidman plays an evil taxidermist and you should definitely watch it.

In “Paddington 2,” Paddington is adjusting to his new life in London with the Brown family. He gets framed for stealing a special pop-up book of London, gets sent to prison for the crime, and has to figure out how to prove he was framed. It’s one of those rare sequels that’s better than the original. And the original is still really good.

“Paddington 2” stars an adorable computer-generated British bear voiced by Ben Whishaw and features Hugh Grant, Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville, and Brendan Gleeson in live-action roles.

Responding to the news that his movie broke the record, director Paul King said, “The ‘Paddington’ films are a real labour of love. So many people pour their hearts and souls into them for months or even years, hand-crafting every last frame, and we are all incredibly grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve had so far. We hope it inspires people to go to the cinema to see for themselves if a talking animal film really can be any good, and whether Hugh Grant really can look devilishly handsome even while dressed as a nun. Clue: yes.”

“Paddington 2” was originally meant to be distributed in the United States by The Weinstein Company, but following the allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Harvey Weinstein, producers began looking for another American distributor. Producers believed that a pleasant, upbeat children’s film should not be associated with the scandal. In November, Warner Bros. acquired the film’s North American distribution rights for $US32 million.

Here are the most breathless quotes from critics about “Paddington 2,” along with adorable images of Paddington Bear:

“‘Paddington 2’ is ‘The Godfather Part II’ of Peruvian bear movies, a sequel that surpasses the superb original.”


Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal.

“It’s an exquisite reminder of the wondrous things that can happen when a storyteller of boundless imagination avails himself of some rigorous discipline.”


Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times.

“If you have kids, take them. If you have nieces and nephews, take them. If you don’t have kids but just want to feel like one yourself, go see it. Paddington is a bear for all seasons.”


Adam Graham, Detroit News.

“This bear is constantly striving to earn the approval of the humans in his life. One day, maybe we can all be worthy of his.”


Andrew Lapin, NPR.

“We need a new Paddington movie every January.”


Matt Goldberg, Collider.

“Utterly beguiling.”


Nell Minow, HuffPost

“The entire film sparkles with a Wes Anderson-ish whimsy and a kind heart that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Just like the film’s protagonist.”


Devan Coggan, Entertainment Weekly.

“The sequel has the same tone as the original but is livelier and funnier, mostly due to Hugh Grant, who gleams as the bad guy.”


Jody Mitori, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“There are slapstick hijinks and silly scenarios aplenty, but at its heart ‘Paddington 2’ has something serious to say about making the world a better place through daily acts of kindness.”


Barbara VanDenburgh, Arizona Republic.

“This is a film of such open-hearted joy and grace, which feels rare in an industry that often embraces cynicism and sarcasm, including in its children’s stories.”


David Sims, The Atlantic.

“An emotional masterpiece that digs deep while keeping you smiling, and a pure example of why sequels can still be a good thing.”


Mike Reyes, CinemaBlend

“[Paddington 2] has one out-loud laugh, plenty of sincere cleverness, vast technical ingenuity, a warm heart, lively performances and enough gyroscopic camera moves to make Max Ophüls jealous.”


Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“All in all, “Paddington 2″ has a warmth and wit that’s missing from many a children’s movie. Don’t let your January go by without it.”


Rafer Gyzman, Newsday

“Could it be that Hugh Grant was born to play a villainous dandy in a kid’s movie?”


Stephanie Merry, Washington Post

“Family-friendly fun for all ages, thanks to a marvellous script, a sterling cast and the adept, sure-handed direction of Paul King.”


Bruce Demara, Toronto Star

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