Manny Pacquiao’s Wife Breaks Down, Urges Him To Retire After He Was Brutally Knocked Out This Weekend

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Manny Pacquiao went down in a heap on Saturday, after Juan Manuel Marquez landed a powerful right hand during the sixth round of the boxers’ bout.It was one of the more frightening and stunning moments of Pacquiao’s boxing career and has many questioning whether the Pacman should hang up his gloves.

Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee was visibly shaken by the result of the fight during an interview with the pair on the GMA Network in the Philippines. She also offered a somber plea for her husband to retire after she was asked whether she thought Pacquiao should continue boxing.

“You know the answer to that,” Jinkee said. “He knows what I am asking him.”

His mother expressed the same sentiment earlier that same day.

It’s understandable for both Jinkee and Pacquiao’s mum to feel this way after the rare blow Pacquiao took on Saturday. Moments like Marquez’s knockout punch are especially agonizing and upsetting for loved ones.

But does Pacquiao owe it to the Philippines to continue boxing, or does he have anything more to accomplish? Former boxing champion Ricky Hatton doesn’t think so. (via Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

“What’s he (Pacquiao) going to achieve by having one more fight? Probably nothing. He’s an eight-weight world champion. There’s nothing more to be said.

“You’d like to see him go into retirement and spend some time with his family and be happy. He can’t do any more from a boxing point of view.”

It’s hard to fathom the best pound-for-pound boxer ever go out with an ending that is below the standards he has held for himself. Pacquiao has titles in eight different divisions, but is currently without belt and has lost two fights in a row.

You can’t fault Pacquiao if he chooses to get on the mat and fight another match, but his legacy won’t be tarnished if he chooses to stop either.

Pacquiao has a difficult decision in front of him.