No Cussing Here: The Pacquiao-Mosley Pre-Fight Reality Series Will Air On CBS

Manny Pacquiao Antonio Margartio

Photo: AP

Promoter Bob Arum took Manny Pacquiao from HBO to Showtime for his upcoming bout with Shane Mosley in hopes of gaining access to CBS,  the premium channel’s network affiliate.That decision has paid off as CBS has agreed to air three of the four episodes of “Fight Camp 360º: Pacquiao v. Mosley,” the Showtime rendition of HBO’s popular 24/7 series, ESPN reports.

We’ve noted – with regards to HBO’s to Hard Knocks, Pacquiao-Margarito 24/7, and Capitals-Penguins 24/7 – how effectively these reality series promote a signature sporting event. Fans come to appreciate just how much athletes prepare for their competitions, and, more importantly, it humanizes athletes and helps us forge a personal bond. Hopefully CBS, and its content restrictions, won’t disappoint on that last note. Remember how much fun it was to listen to Rex Ryan curse consecutively for 60 minutes?

The fight is schedule for Showtime pay-per-view on May 7.

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