Aaron Rodgers' performance was so inspiring that one teammate bought his jersey and wore it to work because it is 'badass'

  • Aaron Rodgers unleashed one of the most epic performances of his career with a second-half comeback win over the Chicago Bears on “Sunday Night Football.”
  • The comeback came after Rodgers suffered a scary knee injury that had some wondering if his season was over.
  • One former NFL player says that kind of performance inspires teammates.
  • One teammate was so inspired, he bought an Aaron Rodgers jersey and wore it to work because it is “badass.”

The legend of Aaron Rodgers grows, even among his teammates.

Rodgers led the Green Bay Packers to a win over the Chicago Bears on “Sunday Night Football,” with an epic second-half comeback after suffering a scary knee injury in the first half.

According to Rob Demovsky of ESPN, Rodgers’ play had such an impact on his teammates that one even went out, bought an Aaron Rodgers jersey and wore it to work on Monday.

“No, I didn’t lose a bet,” rookie backup quarterback Tim Boyle said. “It’s a badass jersey. I bought it.”

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Former NFL lineman Jeff Saturday explained on ESPN’s “Golic & Wingo” just what Rodgers’ performance likely meant to his teammates, and how much he inspires the others in the locker room.

“He elevates everybody around just because of what he can do,” Saturday said. “And his teammates are looking him in the eye, understanding he can barely put pressure on his left leg. He’s fighting through this thing, and he’s still out there slinging this thing around. Let me tell you something. That inspires guys. Set aside how much money the guy just got paid. His leg is killing him, and he’s coming out, and he’s still all-in with us? Man, and he’s showing up and making plays?”

While Rodgers deserves plenty of credit for the win, it was clear that the rest of the team stepped up once he stepped back on the field.

Rodgers recently signed a contract extension that could be worth up to $US180 million over the next six seasons. Compared to other NFL contracts, he is worth every penny and maybe more.

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