21 Awesome Photos From The Brutally Cold Packers-49ers Game

It was five degrees at kickoff of today’s Packers-49ers game, with a wind chill of -10.

It was the 14th coldest game in NFL history, according to National Weather Service data.

It made for some spectacular photos of crazy fans (including a shirtless one), frozen players, and stoic-but-uncomfortable coaches.

Here are our favourites photos of the unforgettable game from AP, Getty, and Reuters.

Shirtless Packers fan puts ketchup on a sausage.

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh acclimates himself to the elements during pregame warmups.

Aaron Rodgers stretches before the game in the end zone, where all the grass had died.

Some of the first fans to get into the stadium.

He is excited.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy in the second half.

A bundled-up Colin Kaepernick looks up at the jumbotron.

A worker removes snow from the stadium two days before the game.

A fan tailgates inside a plastic tent.

Lambeau reflects off the goggles of a Packers fan.

Linebacker Nick Perry shouts at the 49ers offence.

Harbaugh during the first half.

Smoke drifts off Eddie Lacy's head after the game.

The view of the stands from the frozen tundra.

Two fans tailgate with a makeshift grill on a snow bank.

Packers fan brings deer horns to the tailgate.

49ers players huddle for warmth on the sidelines.

A Packers fan leaves a tiny slit to see out of.

It was cold, but not this cold.

One fan employs the rare ski mask, scarf, cat-ear hat combo.

A 49ers player tests the temperature before the game.

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