25 Action-Packed Photos To Get You Pumped For 'Pacific Rim'

pacific rim robotGuillermo del Toro’s huge monster vs. robot film ‘Pacific Rim’ hits theatres Friday, July 12.

Guillermo del Toro’s giant monster versus robots film “Pacific Rim” comes to theatres Friday.

After a number of similar trailers, the only thing audiences really know about the film is that we can look forward to an all-out alien brawl.

We saw an early screening of the film, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Essentially, it’s “Power Rangers” for grown ups.

Before checking out Warner Bros.’ latest, here’s a little more background on the monster film, along with some of the actors you can expect to see in the blockbuster.

No spoilers here.

“Pacific Rim” opens in theatres July 12.

They start tearing apart cities from San Francisco to Sydney.

In order to take them down ...

... 25-story-high robot warriors called Jaegers are created.

The program is headed in part by Commander Stacker Pentecost (Idris Alba).

In order for the robots to work, they must be piloted by a team of two who share a neural connection.

They ride in this bot — the Gipsy Danger.

You'll see four types of Jaeger robots in the film.

Each robot is designed with colours and symbols representative of its country ...

('Pacific Rim' production notes)

... and has its own set of unique weapons and fighting style.

('Pacific Rim' production notes)

('Pacific Rim' production notes)

China's Crimson Typhoon is the only robot to feature three arms and be manned by three men.

('Pacific Rim' production notes)

Here's a look at Australia's Striker Eureka, the fastest of the robots.

('Pacific Rim' production notes)

The Russian Cherno Alpha is the oldest robot of the four.

('Pacific Rim' production notes)

Kaiju monsters were inspired by lizards, crustaceans, and insects.

The monsters have names that reflect their prominent features ranging from Knifehead to Leatherback.

('Pacific Rim' production notes)

Here's the Gipsy Danger going head-to-head with Knifehead.

Warner Bros. has an epic background for the film on the movie's website.

It gives the clearest looks at the monsters ...

... along with a brighter close-up of a few Jaeger bots.

Here's another look at the Crimson Typhoon and one of the Kaiju.

('Pacific Rim' production notes)

('Pacific Rim' production notes)

Check out more photos from another Warner Bros. hit.

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