Here's What The 'Pacific Rim' Monsters Look Like

Guillermo del Toro’s big robots vs. monsters film “Pacific Rim” comes out in two weeks. 

While we’ve seen a few trailers and plenty of footage of the good guys in their robot suits, we have little idea of what the aliens look like

Warner Bros. released two new posters giving a glimpse of one of the monsters we’ll see in the film.

It’s not so scary.

pacific rim monster

In case you want to check out the robot, here’s another look at that, too. 

robot pacific rim

A few other monsters have surfaced online through early looks at action figures. After taking a look through them all, we can’t help but feel like all of the monsters are evolved forms of Pokémon.

This monster, called Knifehead has four arms, a tail, and a face resembling a hammerhead shark. (Kind of reminds us of a street shark.)

knifehead pacific rim
knifehead pacific rim

Raiju is the mix of is a wolf and fox combination and is the Japanese word for “thunder animal.” We’ll take that to mean this beast has some sort of lightning powers.

pacific rim raiju
raiju pacific rim

The next three look a bit more frightening.

Scunner has some claws that could go toe-to-toe with the Wolverine.

scunner pacific rim

Slattern has four eyes and two tails that look like tridents.

slattern pacific rim
pacific rim slattern

Leatherback resembles a gorilla.

leatherback pacific rim

What do you think? “Pacific Rim” is in theatres July 12. 

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