Heat wave is an understatement. Tell us how hot it is in your Pacific Northwest home.

A woman and her daughter carry umbrellas while walking through Seattle's Public Market.
Pike Place visitors use umbrellas to shield the sun during a heat wave hitting the Pacific Northwest. John Froschauer/AP

The National Weather Service has issued excessive heat warnings for Washington, Oregon, and parts of Idaho until 8 p.m. on Thursday, and temperatures are expected to peak until Tuesday.

Only 44% of homes in Seattle are air-conditioned. Oregon dropped its COVID-19 capacity limits at swimming pools to help residents stay cool.

With temperatures in the Pacific Northwest hitting the triple digits, the dangerous heat wave is forcing many people out of their homes and into cooling centers.

How hot is it in your home? Send us a photo of your home’s thermostat to [email protected], and feel free to tell us how you’re keeping cool in the extreme heat. Are you taking ice baths, finding refuge in apartment lounges with sacred AC? We want to know.