Pacific Brands Boss John ­Pollaers Thinks Australians Don't Get Behind "Heroic" Companies

Photo: Getty/Sandy Huffaker

Yesterday Pacific Brands chief executive John ­Pollaers presented a turn-around plan to hundreds of staff in Sydney, which he hopes will usher in a new era for the clothing company which has lost around $800 million in the past four years.

According to the AFR, during the pep talk he lamented the fact Australians don’t seem to rally behind hero companies of the sort he hopes to create.

“In Australia we seem to struggle with the notion of creating heroic companies,” he said, according to the Fin’s report.

“We are out of sync with the rest of the world and rarely rally behind great companies, let alone acknowledge their achievements, [even though] Australian businesses are highly respected overseas.

“Here in Australia it’s okay to proudly defend brands that are marketed but we shy away from defending our companies.

“We’re going to begin the journey to restore faith in Pacific Brands as a company . . . we’re going to be proud of everything we do.”

Read more about the turn-around plan here.

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