Can You Guess Which Artist Thieves Love The Most?

Dora Maar, 1937

Pablo Picasso.According to a new list compiled by The Art Loss Register, the Spanish painter has 1,147 stolen paintings to his name, The Daily Mail reports.

The most recent Picasso theft occurred in early January when his 1939 oil on canvas, “Woman’s Head,” was plucked from Greece’s National Gallery in Athens.

The runner-up on the list is the American artist Nick Lawrence, with 557 stolen works; Marc Chagall came in third, with 516, The Daily Mail reported.

Ivan Macquisten, editor of the Antiques Trade Gazette, reportedly said that a high incidence of theft coincides with an artist’s output; Picasso was extremely prolific while Chagall lived until almost 100.

Britain is the most vulnerable location for art theft, with 40 per cent of the world’s heists occurring there, the list revealed. Poor Britain.

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