Now Pablo Escobar's brother is demanding $1 billion from Netflix for 'Narcos'

On Wednesday, Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto wrote a “friendly” and “formal” letter to Netflix asking to review the second season of “Narcos” to ensure it was an accurate portrayal of his family.

Now he has taken a different tone, demanding $1 billion from Netflix and threatening legal action.

“If they decline my offer we have attorneys ready to proceed with necessary actions,” Roberto told Newsweek. “I don’t think there will be any more ‘Narcos’ if they do not talk to me. You have to pay to play, and they are playing me without paying. I am not a monkey in a circus, I don’t work for pennies.”

For reference Netflix, has said it will spend $5 billion on content in 2016.

Roberto escobarYouTubeRoberto Escobar (left)

“A billion is what we used to make in a good week in the 1980s and 1990s,” Roberto said. “Apparently money is now growing on trees in favour of Netflix after my show was released. They should pay me immediately.”

Roberto was the accountant for the Medellín Cartel and registered in 2015 for “successor-in-interest rights” to Pablo Escobar and the Escobar family name in California.

He has written a book about his time with the cartel, including a 1993 letter-bombing incident that injured him while he was in prison. He also has claimed to have found the cure for AIDS through his work with horses.

But Roberto isn’t just mad about not being paid, he’s also angry about Pablo’s portrayal, especially coming from a Brazilian actor, and not a Colombian.

“Does he have any real experience in acting?” Roberto asked Newsweek. “Does he have any real experience in making cocaine transactions? Has he laundered billions of dollars?”

Netflix declined to comment.

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