Pennsylvania Governor Rendell: Without Table-Game Gambling, The State Budget Is Ruined

Ed Rendell

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said he is “not sure we will ever have a table-games bill” come next month.

The state desperately needs the casino-related bill to pass in order to draw in more revenue and create 1000 new jobs.


Gov. Rendell yesterday upped the ante in his bid to balance the state budget, saying that without a table-games bill he would have to close the State Museum of Pennsylvania and some state parks in addition to laying off at least 1,000 more government employees.

The bill – the final unresolved part of the state budget the governor signed in October after a 101-day impasse – would bring in $250 million in licence fees and taxes that Rendell said is necessary to keep the government running.

“I’m not sure we will ever have a table-games bill,” said Rendell.

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