Ozzie Guillen Wants To Buy A [Bleeping] Boat With His Next Contract

ozzie guillen

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Ozzie Guillen has been released from his Chicago White Sox contract to reportedly manage the Florida Marlins for $4 million per season, double what the White Sox were willing to pay him.What can Guillen, reportedly, do with that extra $2 million?

Buy a [bleeping] boat.

“You know what I saw a couple days ago?” Guillen told reporters. “I saw a 62-foot boat. That’s what I want, and that’s what I’m going to get. People have to pay me for that. White Sox? I don’t know. Marlins? I don’t know. But somebody will pay. I want to buy my [bleeping] boat. That’s my inspiration. My inspiration is money. That’s everybody’s inspiration.”

At least he’s being honest.

It’s unlikely he’ll enjoy the same kind of success, at least initially, on the field with a thrifty Florida owner.  But that’s alright with Guillen, as long as he’s getting paid.

“I work in this job for money. I don’t work for nothing. Money. That’s it. The ring? [Bleep] the ring. I don’t even wear my [bleeping] rings. I don’t.”

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