Ozzie Guillen On Bryce Harper: Somebody Will Kick His arse

bryce harper

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

On Sunday, Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen, and the Nationals’ rookie phenom Bryce Harper got into a verbal exchange on the field after Guillen questioned Harper’s bat (he thought it had too much pine tar), and Harper made a mocking gesture with his bat towards Guillen in the dugout.Well, prior to Monday’s game, Ozzie met with the media and had a stern warning for Harper (via ESPN)…

“I like this kid. I think this kid is going to be good for baseball. But if this kid continues to do shit like that, he might not make it. Because he’s going to fool around with the wrong guy. And the wrong guy will kick his arse.”

This will certainly create an interesting dilemma for the baseball fans that hate Harper’s cocky attitude. Does being called out by baseball’s loudest mouth make Harper more likable or will fans go on hating both?

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