WATCH Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen's Hilarious Attempt To Sell Tickets

The Chicago White Sox are offering a 13-game ticket package called the “Ozzie Plan” this holiday season that gives fans the opportunity to pick from a variety of different games. Teams offer these kinds of mix-and-match packages all the time, but only the White Sox have Ozzie Guillen to promote it. Check out the hilarious video:


It’s certainly better than this awful promo video put together by New York Mets GM Sandy Alderson and Manager Terry Collins. (Submit your name and this video becomes personalised):

Clearly the new leadership of the Mets isn’t quite as comfortable in front of a camera as Ozzie.  But if we had to bet, we’d guess Ozzie’s ridiculous video is a bit more successful in selling tickets than that dry as dirt video by the Mets. 

Neither marketing ploy is remotely close to this “mascot arrest” staged by the Atlanta Thrashers on Wednesday >

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