Oxford Uni students made former Australian PM Kevin Rudd a 'full access' member of the undergrad pool room

Former prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd. Photo: Leigh Vogel/ Getty Images for Concordia Summit.

Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd has gone back to school.

Rudd, 60, has enrolled as a PhD student at Oxford University. His doctorate focuses on Chinese president Xi Jinping.

The Jesus College at the university has warmly welcomed Rudd.

According to The Sunday Times, the undergraduate committee there passed a motion to grant any former prime minister of Australia ­between 2007 and 2010 — and who is a member of the college — “full access to the (undergraduate) pool room”.

That’s not the only college-life experiences Rudd has enjoyed.

He has shouted a round of coffee for his classmates to “chew the fat on theoretical frameworks and research methodologies”, and taken part in “weird” rituals where new university members parade through town in gowns.

Rudd is clearly enjoying his time there, and even attended the wrong lecture. The former PM described it all as “pleasantly humbling”.

“Frankly, if you have served as prime minister I think the smartest thing you can do once you cease serving is get out of the country for a while,” he told The Times.

“I think the truth is that the vast ­majority of Australians, whether they’re from the left or the right, have a deep affection for the UK.

“Overall, Oxford is a great place to be.”

After leading Labor to defeat at the 2013 election, his second stint in office, Rudd left politics.

Last year he attempted to nominate for general-secretary of the United Nations, but failed after current prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said he did not believe Rudd was suitable for the job.

The Sunday Times has more.

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