Owen Van Natta Canned Because He Tried To Unseat Boss Jon Miller, Says The NYP

Owen Van Natta, MySpace CEO

Interesting take on Owen Van Natta’s departure from MySpace from Peter Lauria at the New York Post…

Under the impression that he was the one about to squeeze out his MySpace rivals, Van Natta instead was the one who got squeezed, forced out late Wednesday after nine months as CEO of the social-network site by News Corp. digital-media boss Jon Miller. (News Corp. owns both MySpace and The Post.)

According to four sources with knowledge of how Van Natta’s termination happened, he misplayed his hand by overestimating his relationship with News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch.

“Owen went after Jon because he thought he had the backing of Rupert, and Jon outmaneuvered him,” said one source close to both men.

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