6 Things That Are Massively Overpriced If You Buy Them In Bitcoin

In the past 24 hours, the value of Bitcoin has surged more than 26 per cent, and now stands at $236.

As you can imagine, some merchants are having trouble keeping up 

Inspired by NYMag’s Kevin Roose, here are some items from BTCZone.com whose prices are lagging Bitcoin’s exploding value.

This bike — admittedly, a pretty sweet-looking one — now costs $644.28.

Amazon price: up to $500.

BTCZoneThis iPhone 5 now costs $1,158.76; the iPhone 4, $717.44.

Amazon price: $702 and $445, respectively.

BTCZoneiPhone boombox: $337.48.

BTCZoneAmazon price: $210.

These last two are particularly egregious. Here’s a Canon zoom lens: $3,188.36.

Amazon price: $1,149.


BTCZoneAnd while we admire and appreciate Tom Verlaine’s contributions to punk, we’re not sure a digital download of Television’s seminal album “Marquee Moon” is worth $18.88.

BTCZoneITunes price: $9.99.

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