OVERHEARD: Callista Gingrich Says She Loves Photoshop

callista gingrich new yorkThis image has not been Photoshopped.

Photo: Grace Wyler/Business Insider

Chatting with a supporter on Manhattan’s Upper East Side last night, Newt Gingrich’s wife Callista admitted that she does, in fact, love Photoshop.The remark was made at New York’s Metropolitan Republican Club, where Callista was stumping for her husband in advance of the state’s April 24th Republican primary. After her speech, Mrs. Gingrich lingered at the reception to answer questions privately and pose for photos with supporters.

After one such photo was snapped, Business Insider overheard a female supporter remark, “Thank God for Photoshop!” Mrs. Gingrich broke into a smile, and replied: “Oh, I love Photoshop!” 

The admission is interesting in light of a recent report from Politico’s Mike Allen, which claimed that, even as the Gingrich campaign hemorrhages money, Callista Gingrich enlists campaign aides to Photoshop images of her to remove wrinkles and out of place hairs before they are made public.

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