11 Stomach-Churning Photos Of Overcrowded Farms In China

china chickens

Thousands of dead pigs were found floating down the Huangpu River in China earlier this year. Turns out overcrowding on small-scale farms was the “underlying factor,” according to Reuters.

We’ve previously discussed that Chinese farming is very inefficient. In fact, South Korean farmers are 40 times more productive than their Chinese counterparts. 

China’s land ownership law is one of the main reasons farming has stayed small-scale. And land reform is one of the top priorities of the Xi-Li leadership, though this is largely to boost urbanization and growth.

We drew on images from Reuters to show how overcrowded both small farms and larger operations in China are.

A farmer places baskets of newly hatched ducklings in a room.

Hundreds of ducks are seen at a poultry farm in Jinan, China.

A farmer herds 5,000 ducks to a pond in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, according to local reports.

A crowded chicken farm that farmers said wasn't impacted by the recent outbreak of the H7N9 bird flu virus.

Some 20,000 cattle are fed and 200 slaughtered daily at this farm in China.

Note: This isn't a small-scale farm.

A farmer walks a massive herd of goats in China's Shanxi province.

A herder sheers sheep in China's Qinghai province.

Piglets crowd a farm in central China's Hubei Province. China is the world's largest pork consumer.

A farmer works at a pig farm in China's Liaoning province.

This duck farm north-west of Beijing produces foie gras. This is a Sino-French joint venture that aimed to increase its duck population to about 1 million.

Note: This isn't a small-scale farm.

Now look at why Chinese farms are in such poor shape...

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