Over-The-Top Customer Service Has Almost No Impact On Their Loyalty

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The notion of going above and beyond customer needs is so entrenched in organisations that managers rarely question it. But delighting your customers may be a waste of time and energy.In fact, most customers just want a simple, quick solution to their problem. Exceeding customer expectations has a negligible impact on customer loyalty. Instead of providing a series of bells and whistles in customer interactions, companies need to reduce the amount of effort customers make.

This is the conclusion we found in our five-year study, in which we analysed customer data from 75,000+ respondents and conducted interviews with hundreds of companies around the world. We presented the findings in the 2010 HBR article “Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers“. In it, we explained that what matters most to customer is the amount of effort they put in to interactions: 96% of customers who report putting in high effort in their service interactions are more disloyal, while only 9% of customers who expend low effort are more disloyal.

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This story originally appeared at Harvard Business Review.