Over 7.5 million international visitors came to Australia in the past 12 months

Don Arnold/Getty Images

Australian short-term visitor arrivals hit another record high in the year to February, according to latest data released from the ABS.

Over the past year the number of arrivals rose to 7.5469 million after seasonal adjustments, up by 591,200 on a year earlier.

Arrivals from New Zealand — the largest of any country — rose to 1.3146 million, up nearly 70,000 from 12 months earlier.

Those from China, in second place, numbered 1.0768 million, up a tidy 205,500 from February 2015. Including Hong Kong, 1.3063 million Chinese arrived on our shores, up more than 232,000 from 12 months earlier.

The chart below tells the story.


While in absolute numbers the annual total in February was a fresh high — fitting with similar data on air passenger numbers — arrivals over the month dipped by 2.7% to 639,400 with those from New Zealand and China both falling more than 11%.

International cricketing schedules, along with the shifting nature of the Lunar New Year holiday in Asia, may have played a part in the sharp monthly declines from both nations despite the data being seasonally adjusted.