Over 200 Australians have lined up to pre-order Tesla's unseen Model 3

This is Melbourne early on in the morning. It’s grown since.

Around 200 Australians have lined up outside Tesla’s Sydney and Melbourne stores to be the first people in the world to lay down $1500 and reserve a spot for Tesla’s still unseen Model 3 from 8am.

Some people have been queuing now for two days, despite the car not likely to even deliver until the start of 2018, not knowing what it looks like, what it will be like to drive or how much it costs.

And despite whether or not you’re the first to lay down a deposit, Tesla is prioritising existing owners who will receive their orders first.

The Melbourne lineup has now extended to over 60.

There were some leaks overnight to some of the specs, including a 480km driving range and a 0-100km/h speed of less than 4 seconds for the top version. Pricing wise, Tesla says it’s aiming to start at around $US35,000, which should hopefully mean less than $60,000 in Australia.

Gizmodo reports that those in the queue aren’t quite the demographic you usually see lining up for gadgets, with most between their mid-20s up to middle age.

Tesla staff have been handing out muffins and cookies, and preparing for a frenzy inside that is usually only seen at an Apple launch.

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