How to outsource love songs, poems, and handmade Valentine's Day cards for as little as $5

Catplusmouse etsyCatplusMouse / EtsyYou can buy custom portraits of you and your partner on Etsy (starting at $30).

Ready to break out the romance this Valentine’s Day?

If you’re having a little trouble with your ballad or sonnet, the internet — as always — has you covered.

Users of task site Fiverr, for instance, are offering custom-made romance for as little as $5. Granted, you only get you a few butterflies for that low price. For a full swoon, you’ll probably need to shell out more like $10-$20.

On Fiverr, you can find someone to write you a love song for $5 ($10 if you want it the same day). You can also hire someone to draw caricatures of you and your date as Cupid for $10 — it’s $5 per person, if you’re in the mood for a solo pic.

Another $20 will create a custom card you won’t find on the shelves of the drugstore, and $5 will get you a handwritten poem “for your love.”

On Etsy, $12 will buy you the ability to — temporarily — tattoo your partner’s name somewhere your coworkers won’t see on Monday. Another $30 will snag an illustrated custom portrait of you two together.

Shell out $20 to wear your affection on your sleeve using a bracelet inscribed with meaningful dates and locations, or write how much you love your other half across your chest (on a tee shirt, sheesh!).

On TaskRabbit, you can follow in the footsteps of past Taskers who have hired someone to:

  • wait in line at a packed restaurant
  • take stealth photos of your memorable date (or proposal, depending on your plans)
  • deliver flowers and chocolates while you’re stuck at work
  • or even come up with a list of romantic date ideas for you to choose from.

The price tag, and the task, is up to you.

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