7 Outrageous Backyard Amenities For Millionaires

These days, homeowners are going all out to personalise their outdoor spaces.

Patios and pools are just the tip of the iceberg.

As summer crawls to a close, we rounded up some of the craziest backyard amenities out there.

Pizza Oven

Forget the grill, the latest craze in outdoor dining is the pizza oven. Pick your favourite toppings and in 2 minutes you’ll have a gourmet, restaurant-style pizza right in your backyard.

Available at Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet.

Fire pit in the pool

Perfect for a chilly summer night. Float in the pool while a fire warms the air and savour some s’mores. This outdoor-only luxury lets you enjoy two of earth’s elements, water and fire.

Custom pools available at Dreamscapes.

Cooling mist system

Never overheat again. Even the balmiest days will be tolerable with the misting heads that lightly spray the area you choose, instantly cooling you and your guests.

Systems available at Mistcooling.com.

Outdoor movie screen

Don’t feel guilty about watching a movie on a night night. Bring the movie outside with you. An indoor projector displays the movie on an outdoor wall so you can be entertained while soaking up the sun or taking in a perfect summer night.

Outdoor movie projectors are available at Amazon.com.

Mosquito control systems

Bug bites begone. Now, you don’t have to worry about waking up with numerous bug bites. This system attracts and traps the pesky bugs before they get to you.

Available at Amazon.com.

Swim-up bar

A staple at luxury resorts can be yours. Don’t get out and dry off to make yourself another drink, swim right up and pretend you’re at your favourite beach resort, minus the plane ride.

In-ground trampoline

Kids won’t fall off of this trampoline. A spin-off of the in-ground pool, the trampoline is flush with the ground so kids can jump to their heart’s content.

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